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Collaboration and Synergy

Internet marketing works best as a collaboration with our clients to create internet strategies with a healthy return on marketing investment (ROMI). We learn from you about your business while you learn from us about marketing and we work together synergistically to get results you can bank on.




Internet Marketing

Internet MarketingInternet marketing works best when we work collaboratively with our clients to develop and execute the strategy. When business leaders collaborate with their internet marketing company and involve their staff in the collaboration the results far surpass when the company is for the most part working alone.

We find this collaboration brings synergy resulting in more cost effectiveness, greater return on marketing investment (ROMI), higher search engine rankings, and greater traffic and sales. So we don't have a cookie cutter approach or standard plans to choose from.

Naturally if you are untrained in internet marketing it may seem daunting to be involved but the most valuable contributions require only a little training and a great deal of familiarity with the business. Thus they are best carried out by the business staff leaving other highly specialized internet marketing techniques to the professionals.

The foundation of all internet marketing is creating compelling written and media content. The more familiar one is with your business the better this content will be. It takes very little understanding of internet marketing to create this content. So with a little training and consulting you and your staff who are already intimately familiar can produce higher quality content more cost effectively than a paid copywriter with tons of training.

There are some rules and techniques to learn in order to do this most effectively to get the best search engine results but you can do it. Of course you should choose from among the employees in the business those with in depth knowledge of the business and good writing and media content creation skills.

That being said it is often the case that a company just can’t spare anyone to do it and it won’t get done unless their internet marketing company does it, and of course we can create great content for you once we have learned enough about your business.

Perhaps the second most important aspect of internet marketing is social media management. This is also something that requires very little training and a great deal of understanding of the business. Interacting with your business prospects in social media is always best done by people who are fully and enthusiastically engaged in the business. Social media is fast moving and needs daily attention and is always most cost effectively done by the business staff rather than professional social media managers. However, some businesses just aren’t ready to assign someone that task and need assistance and in that case we can handle it for you.

Off-site SEO

Content creation and on page optimization can be enough for your internet marketing if you do it well and have patience. Incoming links from highly respected websites are essential to your site ranking well. In some case it only takes a few of them. And if your content is great then gradually high authority websites will start to link to your website. This is especially true if you have a good social media manager working every day to build your following and bring them to your website because it brings more attention to your site. When brainstorming what content to create you should always do your best to create something people will want to share with others, especially people who have websites or prominent social media channels. But if you can’t afford to sit around and wait for your great content to be noticed and linked to then you will need to push your website out to reputable websites encouraging them to link to you. This is known as offsite seo and it is the art off pushing your business information out to publishers who will publish this information with links back to your site and also publishing articles and blogs directly on highly respected websites with links back to your site.

There is some off site SEO, i.e back-link recruiting that you can do more effectively than your internet marketing company. Think of any organizations you or your business belong to that may have websites that would link to you. If you belong to a professional business association of some kind they usually have a directory of their members on their website where they will list your company with a link to your website. A good place to start is a meeting with your staff to brainstorm anyone any of you know with a reputable website that could mention your business and link back to your site. These are potential links back to your site that are different from the ones your internet marketing company would likely get for you. Think about your clients and vendors who have sites that may link to you or anyone else any of you know professionally or personally that may have a website that may link to you and ask.

Your internet marketing company can get high ranking and highly reputable websites to link back to your site. The higher these sites rank and the higher their reputation the better they are. Be aware that any website that is selling links probably links to many websites without any obvious apparent reason other than they were paid to do so. These are known as link farms and the links are not helpful and are considered spam and may hurt your rankings. It is thus very risky to go online and buy links or to use a marketing firm that buys links for you. That is considered black hat marketing. It can be done and still is done effectively but there is always the risk of the search engines suddenly delisting your website entirely from the search engine and your new visitors dropping to zero overnight. There are safe and effective ways to build links on reputable sites that can never be considered spam. They are time consuming and require expertise. The learning curve to do this is greater than that for creating great content but you can learn it if you have the time and inclination. For most businesses it is more effective to let your internet marketing firm do this. If this is done effectively your site can quickly be in the top 3 rankings for your important keywords. Excelsior Internet Marketing will design internet marketing strategies with you that give you a healthy return on your investment.

Content is KingContent is King

The most important internet marketing strategies are creating and effectively using great content on your website and on your social media accounts. This directly attracts and engages prospects to your social media pages and your website and also provides the foundation to attract incoming links from reputable websites to your website. Nothing is more important than great content. Although a good internet marketing company can do this for you it is very time consuming and expensive for them to learn enough about your business to do this as well as you can. On the other hand, for you to do this as well as they could you have a few things to learn about the technical needs of the content. A modest amount of professional internet marketing training can prepare you to learn how to write an article targeting certain keywords, create media content, and manage social media to improve your search engine results and overall inbound traffic.
That is all you need if a search engine optimization (seo) professional is going to optimize the articles and pages you have written. If you want to actually do your own on-page search engine optimization (seo) you will need more extensive internet marketing training. You can read our internet marketing design, and how to choose a trustworthy seo company articles and learn more about marketing. Although there is no substitute for experience and you can’t learn everything from one article, this is a great start.

If you are going to learn internet marketing and do it yourself here are the top providers of tools and training: Yoast, Semrush, MozSearch Engine Profiler, and Search Engine Watch.


What we'll do for you


Evaluate your businesses strengths and weaknesses with regards to web presence and internet marketing as compared to your competition and develop an internet marketing plan and strategies to set you apart and above from your competition.


Optimize site pages for best search engine results for your keywords. This includes editing of visible copy and editing of code behind the pages.


Build incoming links from reputable sites to yours using a variety of campaigns to increase knowledge and interest in linking to your business and your site content that encourages to links to your site, and also directly publishing content on reputable sites with links back to your site.


Train and consult your staff to create content ideal for internet marketing or learn you’re your staff about your business and create the content ourselves. Content creation will include copywriting, video, and images.


We offer internet marketing training on all levels so that you can learn to do as much or as little of your marketing as works best for you.


Create or train your staff to create email campaigns that work to increase interest in and traffic to your website.


Consulting can be training but is usually more about collaborating to develop the best strategies and plans for your business.


Train your staff to or directly manage your social media accounts to increase followers, likes, etc. and ultimately traffic to your site and interest in your business products and services.


We offer as needed website development services.

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