Internet marketing based website design is the first step to success in creating a website that will make you money. If you follow these thirteen steps when creating your website you will be well on your way to successful marketing when your site is launched. Going forward your marketing will be smoothly integrated with your website without having to redo the site to meet marketing criteria because you will already have incorporated the formula into the site.

Got a business? If so you or someone on your teams needs to be on top of your social media marketing. Its the most important type of marketing you can do. Lets get started on it together. In this post we talk about the first step, creating great content that will get attention.

Video marketing services are an essential part of internet marketing. Some websites are only or mostly videos. And some of the most prolific and famous content creators who make the most money only post videos on Facebook and never write a word. But at least you should have one video on your site and the more the better.

Why Blog?

Blog away. Blogs are generally shorter and less formal than articles and in today's world that is more inviting to most people that articles. Articles do still have a place for news and educational articles. Articles will generally be researched and may even have inclusions of content from other sources and citations. Blogs are generally more shoot from the hip spontaneous writings of opinions, observations, and thoughts between articles. Blogs were originally called webblogs and were like a captains log. They were just daily entries logging historical events related to the website, webmaster, etc. Now everyone one and their mother has a blog. Your Facebook wall is sort of a blog. Certainly it can be. Most people post their thoughts, feelings, actions, etc as a log throughout the day or on significant occasions. What makes Facebook a unique blog type is sharing of other peoples posts. Which is no longer unique so perhaps original is a better word for it.