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Excelsior Internet Marketing

Excelsior Internet Marketing is an internet marketing company with professionals in internet marketing and search engine optimization since 2000.

Excelsior Internet Marketing has always taken the approach that the more our clients know about internet marketing the better. Excelsior Internet Marketing offers training and consulting in order to support our clients in becoming as knowledgeable and competent in internet marketing as they want to or need to be. In particular Excelsior Internet Marketing is always eager to have the participation of our clients in content creation. This is where clients can create the most search engine optimization and social media management value for their company. We are of course ready willing and able to do 100% of the internet marketing campaign including content creation but we find that with a little internet marketing training the owners and employees of a company can produce better quality content than any internet marketing company can. When you create your content according to easy to learn guidelines and a collaborative internet marketing strategies Excelsior Internet Marketing then optimizes it for higher search engine rankings. That is, unless you prefer to learn how to do that as well.

Excelsior Internet Marketing is always developing new off-site SEO methods, especially ways to interest high authority websites in our client’s products and services and to write about and link to our client’s websites. These high authority links are essential to your site ranking high in the search engines. There are always high authority websites you can get links from due to your connections in your industry and then there are others that would require many years of networking and experience to obtain. Those are the ones Excelsior Internet Marketing gets for you.

Great content and high authority links to it are certainly the most important thing to your search engine rankings but Social Media Management is not far behind. Good social media management will develop other avenues of interest in your company, products, and services. Your social media accounts are all as potentially valuable as your website and often more so. Excelsior Internet Marketing will collaborate with you to develop your social media marketing strategy and to develop the skills of your social media manager. In addition to the direct interest from social media accounts when properly managed they will all contribute to your website search engine rankings increasing.

Social Media Marketing can be very robust. With a modest advertising budget and a well-crafted social media landing page that leads to a well-crafted page on your website you can get fantastic results and a great return on your investment. This can be done simultaneously to your search engine optimization for your website. It can have immediate results while waiting for your search engine optimization work to mature into results.

Excelsior Internet Marketing is located in Gainesville FL and offers SEO services in Gainesville FL but the vast majority of our clients are from other areas of the country and even other countries.

In many cases email is also an important part of your internet marketing campaign. Effective strategies implemented on your social media accounts and webpages to collect email addresses can result in lists you can email any variety of email campaigns designed to get whatever result you are interested in, probably sales. You can also buy lists appropriate to your market and see if you can get new customers that way.

Depending on your business it may be effective to venture into other digital marketing campaigns such as those using phone apps. If you are a local business for example you could entice your customers to install and app that lets them know about promotions, specials, new offerings, etc and also remind them when they are near your place of business that they are near your place of business and what is there waiting for them.

There are always new developments and new angles in internet marketing and digital marketing. Video ads are getting shorter and placement is getting more clever. In this NY Times article some new developments are discussed.

Excelsior Internet Marketing is expert in all these methods and can support you in implementing a comprehensive digital marketing and internet marketing campaign.

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