Internet Marketing Company

Internet Marketing Company

Internet marketing company services, plans, and prices vary. However, it seems a lot of internet marketing companies are offering search engine marketing plans to optimize 5-10 terms or pages for about $6,000 per year. This would be a bargain if the result was that you ranked in the top 3 positions for terms that are relevant to your business and converted effectively into sales, and there was enough traffic for those terms and ultimately conversions to give you a good return on marketing investment (ROMI). Unfortunately that is not usually the case. More often than not the internet marketing company chooses the terms without your fully informed participation and the resulting terms are not the most relevant and not high enough in traffic to get you a good ROMI. What they are is easy to rank on page one.

So the first step to choosing a good internet marketing company is choosing one that will show you their research and let you fully participate in search engine term selection. The only sensible way to have this conversation is to know what your sales goals are and how much traffic it will take to reach those goals. You will also need to know or estimate your conversion rate, that is, the percentage of visitors become customers. Your internet marketing company will need to give you reasonably plans likely to result in top 3 rankings for the terms that will get you the traffic you need and the cost to get those rankings. Then you can start to estimate the return on marketing investment (ROMI) and decide if the investment is worth it. A cookie cutter plan can’t get you there.

Choosing an Internet Marketing Company is an important decision. An internet marketing company can do a great deal for your search engine rankings or very little depending on the company. Most internet marketing companies are doing basic tasks for a minimal fee. These basic tasks are almost never adequate to move your site up in the rankings. An internet marketing company that does the hard work of getting you ranked high will charge more. Of course charging more doesn’t mean they get results either. A good internet marketing company should be able to explain to you what they will do to get you ranked and show you results quickly. The foundational discussion with your internet marketing professionals should be about return on marketing investment. Every business has a unique business plan requiring certain sales levels to be profitable and specific allowances for costs per sales. These need to be an integral part of your internet marketing plan.

It’s important that your internet marketing is full faceted and integrates your various social media channels and works all angles. There is no reason why any business should be struggling to grow and meet sales milestones when marketed properly. Traditional advertising is much more expensive and gets very low return on marketing investment compared to internet marketing. You can easily spend ten times as much on conventional advertising for the same results as internet marketing. But you have to be willing to invest what is appropriate for your business to break out and get ranked in the search engines for the terms that will get you the traffic you need to be profitable.

If you are not already well informed about search engine optimization strategies we suggest our articles on choosing an seo company and marketing design. We strongly suggest you learn at least enough to be conversant in internet marketing so you can better assess your internet marketing company options and work with your chosen internet marketing company effectively.

We think the best internet marketing company will work with you to:

  1. Understand your business, your needs, and your challenges.
  2. Develop an internet marketing plan or internet marketing strategies that will best suit your business.
  3. Coordinate changes to your website that will aid in conversions of visitors to sales.
  4. Train you to do as much of the internet marketing as you can or want. In particular, to help you create great content and to be or have an effective social media manager, even if very part time.
  5. Implement effective internet marketing strategies to get your site ranked in the top 3 for your most important search terms.

An effective internet marketing company can accomplish this in a way that gives you a very good return on your investment.

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