Internet Marketing Design

Internet Marketing Design

Internet marketing design is paramount in your web site design project.

  1. The first step to internet marketing design is to determine the most desired outcome for the site. This may be to buy products or services directly online or it may be to call you or complete a form, etc. You must be clear on the results you want and in what priority order you want them and design your website and marketing plan to get these results. Your internet marking design project should not be led by a graphic designer or a programmer. It should be led by the business owners/leaders and an expert in internet marketing design.
  2. The next step in internet marketing design is to determine your keywords and target markets. This is done together because sometimes multiple keywords are for the same target market and sometimes the keywords naturally target different markets. Start by brainstorming what keywords you think your prospects are using to try to find solutions you can provide. Then your internet marketing design professional will research those terms and other related relevant terms that people are using and meet with you to select the keywords most relevant and where you can get the best results and best return on your investment.
  3. The next step in internet marketing design is to determine your unique selling proposition or value proposition. This will be used in all your search engine optimization to help set you apart from your completion and convert visitor to customers.
  4. The next step in internet marketing design is to determine what special features your website NEEDS. Every feature you add slows your website down and website speed is on of the most important parts of SEO so only ask for features you need and will use.
  5. The next step in internet marketing design is to determine your navigation or menu. Make sure it’s designed to convert visitors to customers, be user friendly, and be search engine friendly. Be sure your website it includes these pages because google thinks less of it if it doesn’t. You can obviously have as many other pages as are needed. We suggest a top menu for the most important pages and a bottom menu that has all the pages.
    1. Home
    2. About
    3. FAQ
    4. Contact (address and phone number add credibility to google and to the world)
    5. Privacy/Terms (can be two pages)
    6. Site map
  6. Creating content is the most important part of internet marketing design. Write a page dedicated to each keyword phrase you choose to market. It is best if the business owner or someone very knowledgeable about the products or services of the business writes these pages. An expert copywriter can do it for you and your internet marketing design firm has those on staff but it is better if you write it and they search engine optimize it. These pages should be written to attract search engine rankings, click thrus, visitors, and ultimately convert to sales or whatever result you want.
    1. You can use the Home page, About page, and product pages for this purpose. If that doesn’t work well for you then have menu for articles, blogs, or press releases for your keyword articles.
    2. Use the precise keyword phrase you are marketing for as close to the beginning of the copy on the page as possible and use it a few more times on the page as well. Only use it naturally so it looks natural to people reading your article. It is possible to use it too many times and have google penalize you for keyword stuffing. The longer your article the more you can use it because it is about keyword density, i.e. keyword phrase as % of words in article. Last known suggested density range is 1-6%.
    3. Use a marketing plug in for your site like Yoast that analyzes your page and suggests how to improve it. But overall write naturally. The page title must be in the Header 1 or H1 tag. Be sure your website developer does this. In addition it’s good to use the other H tags like H2, H3 or H4 at least once for the keyword phrase in the article.
    4. Write something that is actually interesting to people who would be searching for that term, something that would answer the question they are asking when they search for it. Answer their question as early as possible so they are more likely not to click away thinking the page irrelevant.
    5. Unless you are employing a long one page selling technique with the call to action toward the bottom, put your call to action as early as possible. If someone is searching for “buy organic vegan cookies online” and you are in fact offering the same for sale then you might start by writing: “Buy organic vegan cookies online right on this website by clicking products on the top menu or clicking here.
    6. Meta tags. The meta tags on the page should all include the keyword phrase precisely, especially the Title, Description, and Alt tags for images on the page. Most experts agree keyword metatag gives no benefit.
      1. The meta title should start with the full keyword phrase and then follow with precisely what you want the search engines to display for this page. It should be accurate and enticing to invite click thrus that are relevant and likely result in sales. The first 50 characters of your title will display as the header of the listing in google. Sometimes up to 60 characters will show if many of the characters are small.
      2. The meta description should start with the full keyword phrase and then follow with precisely what you want the search engines to display for this page. It should be accurate and enticing to invite click thrus that are relevant and likely result in sales. Only the first 150 to 160 characters will display so be sure you have made your point within that range. There is no value in writing more than that. You should use similar but not identical copy for the first paragraph of the page as search engines have been known to use this instead of the meta description.
    7. A page may address multiple keywords but it will generally only address one keyword phrase fully. If your keywords are personal injury lawyer, personal injury attorney, attorney, malpractice attorney, and all with your local city and state added, say Daytona Beach FL, you should definitely have a page dedicated to each phrase but use all four terms on each of the four pages with hyperlinks to the other pages. On the other hand, whether you intend to or not when you make a page for personal injury attorney Daytona beach fl you are also marketing for personal injury attorney, personal injury, and Daytona beach fl as those terms are included in your term. However, you may not rank for them because they have too much competition for them. There may however be terms included in your terms that you do rank for.
    8. Continue to add fresh new interesting content, i.e. videos, articles, and photos as often as possible and always optimize it for one of your keywords.
    9. You can configure your site and social media so that each item of new content appears simultaneously on the site and all social media and that is a good thing to do.
    10. Be sure to use schema markup wherever appropriate, especially in product listings. This will allow your product prices and attributes to be better highlighted in google and in particular in google shopping. This is a technical feature to discuss with your website developer. It is most relevant if you offer products or services for online purchase and it may not be applicable to your website content.
  7. The next step in internet marketing design is to integrate social media
    1. Create social media accounts for all the major social media platforms.
    2. Include the social media buttons for each on your site so people can click on those to like or follow you in that social media.
    3. Set-up all your social media platforms with your website url prominent so that from there they go to your website and so search engines see you have that connection.
    4. These are the social media that matters most now:
      1. YouTube
      2. Facebook (get enough likes to get page named)
      3. Twitter
      4. Linked in
      5. Google plus
      6. Instagram
      7. Pinterest
    5. Create content for each social media platform as often as you can, the more the better. If you don’t have much to say and not much competition you may get away with monthly or every few months but you may need to post weekly or daily or several times per day to compete and you should always post as often as you have content. Make it interesting with links to your site or your videos.
    6. Create at least one youtube video about your products and services and feature it on your homepage and your youtube channel. Add as many videos as often as possible to your youtube channel.
    7. Get followers and likes for all of these by advertising, inviting friends, etc.
    8. Get involved in the interactions with your followers to answer questions, encourage interest, and weed out trouble makers.
    9. It’s good to link to content on your website but never duplicate any content on your website on your social media accounts. In fact never duplicate nay content on your own site either. For this reason it is best to avoid the posts function of WordPress unless you can configure it not to archive pages because the archived pages are all duplicate content that google frowns upon.
  8. The next step in internet marketing design is off-site search engine optimization. And one great way to do that is to write pages just like you did for your site only with completely unique articles and publish them on reputable third party sites like and with all the links back to your site. Boost the value of these articles by getting lots of links to them. Getting these articles written and published maybe more cost effectively handled by your internet marketing design company because they already have established a network and methodology to do this.
  9. The next step in internet marketing design and off-site search engine optimization is to write or have written a professional press release about your business and get it published on hundreds of websites. Be sure it includes links back to your site. This is one of those tasks that is probably most cost effectively handled by your internet marketing firm because they already have established a network and methodology to do this.
  10. Real news. If you can get real news written about you that links back to your site from major websites, do it.
  11. Get listings/citations in hundreds of directories like This is one of those tasks that is probably most cost effectively handled by a trustworthy seo company because they already have established a network and methodology to do this.
  12. Other Backlinks:
    1. You can obtain a list of backlinks your competitors have for ideas of where you can get similar links. Then do your best to get whatever links you can from the same places they did.
    2. Try to get links to your site from any associations you belong to, business or organization you have any association with, or friends and family that have websites.
    3. Join any relevant directories, review and rating sites like or that are applicable to your business and be sure your listing links to your website. Also be sure to ask your customers to rate you on those sites and on google.
    4. Go out to websites that allow comments on their articles and blogs, especially those that are relevant to your business, especially those that are respectable and popular and creatively comment on their posts and articles with a link directly to your site, your social media posts, or your articles on third party sites. If you are not clever about this your posts will be deleted.
    5. Avoid spam backlinks. Because backlinks are probably the most influential factor in search engine rankings there are clever marketing companies out there selling them to you and clever programmers at google searching them out to eliminate their influence. There are always some methods available that actually work but which will probably eventually not work. Generally google considers any link you can buy black hat or bad and thus it may end up getting your site delisted from
    6. A professional internet marketing design company can provide very elaborate proprietary link building programs like the ones described here that are completely white hat and have no risk at all. Due to the ever changing and proprietary nature of those programs we will not explain them further.

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