SEO Articles

SEO Articles

SEO articles are essential for anyone with a role in any website. There is so much to learn from reading them. Anyone who leads the project or creates content can quickly learn how to create and organize content for better search engine results. You can also learn how to optimize content for the search engines. The information in these SEO articles is also very useful when planning SEO services with your internet marketing company. The more informed you are the better. And the more you participate in the search engine optimization and other internet marketing the better for your business.

Business owners and staff will always know more about their business than any third party. The most important thing for search engine marketing is great content and there is no one better to create that for your business than the business owner and staff. And with the information found in these SEO articles anyone can create great content that is optimized for the search engines.

Social media management is another internet marketing activity best carried about the company employees since they are most familiar with the company. And it takes very little training to do it well. There are search engine optimization tasks best carried out by professionals but the more you know about that the better you can collaborate with your internet marketing professionals. So we encourage you to read these SEO articles and consult with us if you have questions. We look forward to collaborating with you to develop and execute the best strategies for your internet marketing.

We are constantly updating and adding articles with the intention of training our customers to do as much of their internet marketing as they can to and want to. There are so very specialized areas of internet marketing that require highly trained professionals and we do that for you. And we can and will do as much of your marketing as you ask us to do. But we encourage you to create your content and manage your social media because with a little training you are probably the best one to do that. Optimizing that content is as easy to learn as using Excel for example. We are happy for you to learn that and do it yourself or to leave it to us. Whatever you prefer.

The articles here are also examples of how articles can be used to target certain keyword terms. Each article here is focused on a keyword term and optimized for that term. Of course they must also be really informative and valuable to readers otherwise when people searching for those terms reach those pages they won’t stay on the page and read it. When someone clicks on your page and then clicks away before 60 seconds has passed that is considered a bounce. The number of people that bounce compared those that stay is called the bounce rate for that page. A high bounce rate has an adverse effect on a pages search engine rankings and a low bounce rate has a positive effect on search engine rankings.

Bounce rate from 26 to 40 percent are excellent. Bounce rates from 41 to 55 are average. Rates from 56 to 70 percent are higher or worse than average but probably won’t negatively affect your rankings. But bounce rates over 70 percent are a concern and should be addressed. Pages of blogs, news, events, etc. do typically have higher bounce rates and are often over 70 percent and may not be penalized for being over 70 percent but certainly any page with a bounce rate of 80 or 90 percent is a problem. A page with a high bounce rate has a disconnect between what it is ranking for in the search engines and its content and thus people searching for that term are not interesting in the results they got. This is a clear indication to google that they should not be ranking that page high for those terms so they will demote it. Your job is to notice it before them and correct the problem quickly.