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SEO Contact Page

When you contact us using this SEO Contact Page we will contact you back very quickly to discuss your internet marketing needs and collaborate with you to determine how you can get the best return on your marketing investment (ROMI). We know that ROMI is the key to a successful internet marketing campaign. It’s no good to invest in terms that you’ll never rank for or to rank for terms that don't get you enough traffic to be worth the investment. You need to rank for terms that get you traffic at a cost that fits your business plan. It’s also important you can handle all the traffic you get so you’re not wasting money getting leads you have to turn away. Of course you can expand to handle the increased interest in your business but you may not want to. Therefore we consult with you to fully understand what you want and need for your business and work with you to get just that. Most businesses have goals and want to reach those goals and prosper. Getting visitors to your site that are in the market for your products or services may be the most important component of the business plan that gets you to your goals.

One key aspect of good internet marketing strategies is choosing keywords to market for that are highly relevant to your business and lead to an outcome you prefer. It’s great if people randomly end up on your site looking for information and maybe result in a sale. But you wouldn't want to invest money in marketing to those people when you have the option to market to people looking to buy what you are selling instead. We can help you by getting visitors to your website who are interested in what you are offering and ready to buy.

Most website owners don’t understand internet marketing well enough or have a trusted enough internet marketing professional to make appropriate marketing decisions for their business. It’s vital to your business that you invest appropriately to your needs to get quickly to your break-even point, then to one profitable milestone after another. Very typically you will be approached by dozens of marketing companies offering search engine optimization for 5 or 10 terms for around $6,000 per year. They may include with that so many extras that sound promising. But more often than not this will have no or little impact on your revenue. They typically choose keywords that are easy to compete for so they can show you they got you ranked on the first page. The traffic for these terms is often too low to results in sales or the terms are not relevant enough to convert to sales and you will not see a good return on your investment. Even worse the marketing is often done for you on a free website you don’t own so you get no permanent value. Once you stop paying that company that free site is shut down or redirected to another of their clients and you loose all the value you invested with them in the past.

Excellent search engine optimization takes time and applied intelligence. If it is tasked to someone in a hurry you will get sub-par work and sub-par results. There are so many aspects to on-page SEO that are all important and all add up good rankings. It’s a lot of work and short cuts only short you of results. Although without great and complete on-page SEO your page will not rank high, off-page SEO is the most important thing and the hardest to do because you can’t control what other websites do. Getting good articles with links to your site from high authority websites is absolutely essential to your internet marketing. You will not get good results from getting a thousand links from low quality sites. A few quality links that take time and experience to acquire will get you the results and return on investment you need.

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Note: This page is an experiment. We discovered that "SEO contact page" is something people actually search for so we wanted to see how difficult or easy it would be to get ranked for SEO contact page and if that would result is sales for people curious about using SEO contact pages on their site. Otherwise this page would have just been called contact page and there would be no awkward use of the term SEO contact page on this page.

Here is a great article on contact pages from a company that makes marketing software used on almost every installation of wordpress.