Trustworthy SEO Company

A Trustworthy SEO Company ....

  • actually works for the money you invest with them.
  • gets you a good return on your marketing investment.
  • optimizes keywords for you that are actually relevant to your business.
  • optimizes keywords for you that get significant enough traffic be worth your investment.
  • optimizes keywords for you that they can get you ranked on page one for.
  • collaborates with you to develop internet marketing strategies that work for you.
  • will train you to do as much of the search engine optimization as you care to do.
  • will be honest with you about how much work you need to get as much business as you want.
  • will continue to add value to increase rankings, increase keywords, and protect current ranking positions.

Trustworthy SEO CompanyExcelsior Internet Marketing is a trustworthy SEO company. Here's how we bring value to you.

First of all just in case you don't know SEO is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is doing whatever it takes to get organic relevant traffic to your pages. That is, people searching the internet for keyword phrases relevant to your offerings will land on your pages.

Your SEO Team

Even before taking the first step in search engine optimization you must first form the team that will take those steps. A a trustworthy SEO company will assist you in building your team. Whomever is the visionary leader of the company must be involved as the leader. There will be times when he or she lets other key staff lead the team based on their area of expertise. On your team you need the website developer that is expert in internet marketing design so the work they do is aligned with the marketing plan. Anyone on staff who could be or already is creating content for the website or social media channels including all social media posts needs to be on your SEO team. If you have other marketing and advertising staff then they should be involved from the beginning as well. If you have a sales manager then he or she should also be on the team. Once you have your team formed you can all proceed together. After the first meeting or two some team members may drop off or may not me in every meeting. There are often more efficient ways to collaborate then to have meetings. The purpose of this team is to work collaboratively, even synergistically, to plan the internet marketing campaign holistically. That is, the company sales plan, marketing plan, website development, etc. are naturally integrated with the internet marketing plan and we must recognize that and work with that in mind from the beginning. Don’t just hire an SEO company to rank your site for some keywords, especially if they pick the terms for you without your involvement. Be involved, and hire a trustworthy SEO company that will work closely with you. Boiler plate marketing companies are ineffective and won't get you a good return on your investment if any.

Your Value Proposition

The first step in search engine optimization is to determine what your value proposition is. That is, what is special about your offering to customers that sets you apart from your competition? This will be the key to converting website visitors to actual customers. Whether is price, quality, experience, features, or anything else, it will be the primary thing used to inspire website visitors to become customers. Your a trustworthy SEO company will assist you with this.

Your Keywords

The second step is to determine the keywords you will target on your website for search engine optimization. Your value proposition will often not be connected to your keywords. When people are searching the internet for a solution to a problem often have not considered all the possible value propositions of the competitors and decided which one they favor. So they probably won’t search for plumber with the most experience or the one with the lowest prices. Rather they will either search for plumber or plumber Gainesville FL or whatever town they are in. Maybe they will search for drain cleaning or new renovation plumbing, neither of which are good value propositions.

Start your quest for the best keywords by brainstorming with your team phrases you think your prospects might use to find solutions you can provide. Your trustworthy SEO company has tools they can use to see how many people per month actually use these terms and what similar terms people are using. Next you can decide which terms you want to do search engine optimization for. First eliminate terms that won’t convert well. For example if you are a massage therapist you would not want to optimize for the term massage school. On one hand you will want to use terms people search for most. On the other hand you will want to use terms that have less competition. And yet another factor is how much will it cost to rank high for the terms and what will be your return on marketing investment (ROMI). And there is yet more to consider like how many visitors will result from various rankings and what ratio of those will convert to sales. This is a foundational step to your search engine optimization so you’ll want to get it right.

Creating Content

Once you have set your search terms then the next step in search engine optimization is to create great content. Content is words, images, video and sometimes even audio. Great content is attractive that people want to consume. It should be valuable, interesting, important and informative to people. But most importantly it must be unique. Unique means it is not duplicated anywhere on the web not even on your own website. If you copy any paragraph from it and search the internet there will only be one result for that exact paragraph, one page on your site. It must not be duplicated anywhere on any other website or on your website or on your social media accounts. Having said that, it may be that the title of your article appears in your Facebook post about that article. And Facebook might pick up the first few words of it as well. This is unavoidable and the limit of content duplication acceptable. Your a trustworthy SEO company can provide great content or training how you can create your own great content.

Each keyword phrase you select needs its own page. Each of these pages should be at least 300 words and better 1200 words. The home page must have a 1200 word article on it search engine optimized for your primary keyword phrase. There are some technical aspects to writing these articles some of which the writer needs to know and some of which only the person who adds the article to the website needs to know, typically someone from your a trustworthy SEO company. It may be that the webmaster or anyone adds the article and then the SEO expert optimizes it but do not publish the article until it is optimized. You don’t want un-optimized content being posted and then indexed by the search engines. Your webmaster or anyone can learn how to optimize content if they invest the time in learning.

How to write content. Focus first on what will be of value to readers. If the search term is obviously looking to solve something like “buy vitamins online” and if you are writing an article about how to buy vitamins only the very first thing you should do is answer their question using the keyword phrase and your unique selling proposition. For example, in this case your first sentence might be “Buy vitamins online at lowest prices with free same day shipping here!” Either put a button like “Shop Now” or hyperlink and bold “here.” Do no hyperlink your keyword phrase for this page on this page. Only hyperlink it on other pages leading to this page.

In any event always get your unique selling proposition in early. Be focused and organized on your topic, which ought to revolve around one of your keyword phrases. Write something of value that people will want to read and share with others on their social media accounts and blogs etc. Write it in the most readable way you can. Make it as interesting as you can. Start the article with the exact keyword phrase. Try of avoid putting any words before the keyword phrase and if you must add only one or two. And try not to add any words into the keyword phrase even if it is awkward to use it as is.

While writing the article use the search term as often as is credible and natural. If that is 1-3% of the words in the article that is about right. If you use it too much that is known as keyword stuffing and google algorithms will slap you for it. Pepper your article with your other keyword phrases and hyperlink them to the pages for those keywords and have those articles link to this one as well. That’s all the writer needs to know.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization

Now for the technical part of page optimization when putting the article on your website. To apply this information you will at least have to be familiar with HTML. Any webmaster or website builder should be able to apply this with ease. And any quick learner who knows how to post content on a WordPress website should be able to do this if the site is configured properly. Here are some key points:

  1. The page title should begin with your keyword phrase and may include other words such as your value proposition.
  2. The page title should be in the H1 tag.
  3. It’s also good to use the keyword phrase in a subtitle someplace on the page using any other H tag like H2, or H3.
  4. The Meta title aka SEO title should be also begin with your keyword phrase. It may be the same as the page title or maybe different. This is the title people will see in the search engines so make it something people will want to click on. Probably you will want to use your value proposition in some form after the keyword phrase.
  5. The Meta description is the sentence that follows the Meta title and is just under it in a smaller font in the search engines. Repeat your keyword phrase but the rest should be different from the Meta title. You are still trying to get them to click through to your site so be clever.
  6. The page name should be your keyword phrase with each word separated by either a dash “-“ not an underscore and never a space.
  7. Every page should have at least one image. Page load speed is very important to search engine optimization and converting visitors to customers so keep images few and low in kilobytes so they do not slow the page down. The best thing to do is optimize the images in Photoshop before uploading them. At least one of the images on each page should have they keyword phrase of that page in the Alt tag for the image.
  8. Make sure the article is in the menu.
  9. Use schema markup. This is a topic unto itself but in brief schema markup a way to provide data to search engines to enhance your listings.

There are a few site wide things that must be done for search engines to consider your site an authority and rank it high.

  1. You should have the following pages: Home, About, Contact, FAQ, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Sitemap. Sitemap is a list of all the pages on your site as hyperlinks. All pages should be accessible from a menu be it the top or bottom menu on each page. In addition you may have any other pages you see fit. Your articles about your keywords can go under about or articles or press releases of blog on your menu.
  2. If you are using WordPress make sure you set all of your archive pages like by category, date, or author to be follow, noindex. Also be sure that excerpts from your posts are not appearing anywhere on your site. Depending on your theme this may not be worth the trouble and you be better off just using pages instead of posts to post content. This is all to avoid duplicate content which will ruin your rankings.
  3. The total size of your pages should not exceed 2MB per page and the load time of any page should not exceed 5 seconds. However, under 2 seconds load time per page is optimal. This effects both search engine rankings and conversions to sales
  4. Make sure you have no broken links, i.e. none of your menu items or hyperlinks lead to 404 Error pages on yours or anyone else’s website.
  5. You must have icons for the major social media sites on every page of your site that are configured to take visitors to your social media accounts with each one once they click on it. Each of your social media accounts must also link back to your site.

That covers on-page or on site search engine optimization. This is the foundation but unless some reputable websites are linking to your site you will never get anywhere in the search engine rankings. Therefore you need off-site search engine optimization as well. The first off-site SEO is social media management. Many might not consider it part of SEO. We do.

Social Media Management

Social media management is absolutely a topic unto itself but we will cover the essentials here to be well rounded. Social media management simply means managing your social media accounts. The ones you must have are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. All you have to do is set up business account for each one, verify them, and post content and build followers for each. However, none of the content on any of these can duplicate any content on your website. For example on Facebook you might post a link to a page on your site and Facebook will show the first sentence and image and that’s okay. Any words you type in the post or comments should be unique and not copied from your website. Same with all the rest. Use them to notify people of content on your site. It doesn’t have to be new content. The only difference is with YouTube which has its own unique content, videos which you will probably also show on your site, and that’s okay. It’s the words that can’t be duplicated. Don’t worry about images or videos. Except you should make sure you are not using images someone else owns without permission. You can of course also post interesting comments on your social media accounts that don’t link back to your site. Do whatever works to interest people in your brand and your social media accounts and website. That is social media management in a nutshell. A trustworthy SEO company can provide you with a social media manager or help train your social media manager which is a lot more effective.

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization

Now onto the real off-site search engine optimization. It’s all about incoming links to your website but not quantity, quality, and not just any kind anywhere, very carefully crafted. First of all the incoming links should come from high authority websites and best if they are in your industry. Secondly the links should contain your keyword phrase as anchor text and link to the page that matches that keyword only about 10% of the time. Most of the time the anchor text should be either your company name, just the url, or a wide variety of terms closely related to your business. By the way, anchor text is the words you see on the page that when you click on those words takes you to a specific url (hyperlink) on another webpage. For example, we have an article on our home page and if you click on internet marketing you will go there. “Internet marketing” is the anchor text and is the hyperlink or url. In this example of the hyperlink I did not add anchor text so you can see it as it is. That’s all there is to it.

You can do a lot off-site search engine optimization yourself. In your industry you may belong to associations or know of website directories that serve your industry or perhaps have suppliers or customers that upon request link to you. You may in turn link to them. This linking between your organizations is best done tastefully. If may be as simply has having some logos at the bottom of a page of the associations you belong to or your customers or you may be writing something about you or them on a page with links to them. A list of links on a page may not carry the same weight. Search engines may recognize those as link sharing pages and not give them the same weight. That’s not to say a directory such as Angies List is not a good link source. It is. Getting links from web sites where you have a personal or professional relationship is best done by you.

You will probably need more off-site search engine marketing, i.e. backlinks to your site then you can get from your professional and personal connections. That is where your trustworthy SEO company can offer you services that are not cost effective for you to learn to do yourself. There are public relations campaigns and other ways to get articles published with links back to you from authoritative sites that they have access to. This service can be the difference between being nowhere to be found in the search engines and being number one for your keywords.

We have explained a lot about what a trustworthy SEO company will do but lets briefly describe the opposite for comparison. A trustworthy SEO company will not just optimize your pages and add you domain to their network of incoming links. That doesn't work. Those networks are useless. A trustworthy SEO company will not promise you particular rankings for a number of terms because that means they will choose terms will not be useful to you but are easy to rank high for. A real trustworthy SEO company will work with you to choose your keywords and design a plan that gives you results within your budget for a good return on marketing investment (ROMI).

Excelsior Internet Marketing

Excelsior Internet Marketing would be honored if you chose us as your trustworthy SEO company. Please use our contact us page to let us know if you have questions or comments or if you would like to discuss with us your search engine optimization.

To learn more about SEO please read other articles on our site or try the MOZ Beginners Guide to SEO or Search Engine Lands What is SEO.


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